Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This is me soaking my hands in some
concoction that was supposed to help
heal the itching allergy blisters my hands
would break out in.
I've studied and sorted the photos from Mother's old album to the best degree I can. I have put them in order by what year I believe each photo is from. Unfortunately, the photos were not in strict order in the album; and some photos had duplicates found in separate places. As I examined them, I saw that photos clearly taken the same day or during the same family gathering were not necessarily together in the album. Few photos had been dated.

My year categories, therefore, are based largely on the size of the children, length of hair, location, and people present. I probably got some of them wrong, but I did the best I could!

I'm ready now to print enlargements of the 1943 photos for my own album. The tiny sizes of most of the early photos make them difficult for me to enjoy due to my vision difficulties. It is great to scan them and put them up on the computer screen--I see so much more. But I also like to have them in album form where I can put in comments, ID the people, etc., and then I can pick up the album and flip through it and enjoy it any time I please. And this family history can be passed down and will then be intelligible to my family.

So here are some views of 1943 in our family.
Grandma Mackey with some of her grandchildren: Gary Rogers, Terry McLaughlin,
Glen Rogers, Jr., Grace McLaughlin, Larry Rogers, Michelle McLaughlin (seated).
Back: Siblings-- Bess Mackey, Vera Mackey Rogers, Joe Mackey, Elsie Mackey
Front: Gary Rogers, Terry McLaughlin, Michelle McLaughlin (seated), Glen Rogers, Jr.,
Grace McLaughlin, Larry Rogers
Rose with Terry, Michelle, and Grace (love those long curls!)
Grace, Michelle, Terry (note the boots)
Edna Callan Prochaska (cousin to the Mackeys), Rose Mackey McLaughlin, Vera Mackey Rogers
That's me and the odd object I'm holding is a fox-skin stole. I don't know
where Mother got that thing and I don't think she ever wore it
(how did such a thing ever become fashionable-Ugh!), but as a child I found
it fascinating.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I am going to save these too!

  2. I love when you share these pictures