Thursday, September 11, 2014

Five O'clock This Morning

Today is September 11, 2014. It is the anniversary of the dreadful destruction wreaked by terrorists. I don't forget that.

But today my thoughts are on something else. I woke early and when I wasn't going right back to sleep I got up and looked out my bedroom window.

This is what I saw.

Last year the first snow was the last week of September and was six to eight inches. One week later, first week of October, we had 14-18 inches that created terrible destruction in the fully-leaved trees all over town. That was, we thought, an unusually early snowfall/end of summer.

Just gotta love this terrible Global Warming!

Reminds me that in the 1970s I read an article in Time Magazine all about how the earth was heading into a cooling period that could bring in a new ice age.

Weather fluctuates. It always has.

But I am still extremely disgruntled about the shortness of our summer this year!!