Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chad in a Bucket

There is a big old cottonwood tree at the very edge of our backyard. It is at that age where it has some brittle twigs and branches that need to be removed.

A couple of years ago we had an early fall snowstorm, while the trees were still in full leaf, and a very large limb broke off, fell into the back yard, did some damage to wires, and dinged the playhouse and fence.

The City crew removed a big branch last summer because it had grown too close the the electric wires that run along the alley.

One summer we even had a small fire in the tree, caused by a squirrel that made a bad move while using the powerline to run between trees. The fire department put out the fire and the tree was not greatly damaged. A section of the powerline had to be replaced, however, and a small section of branch was removed in that operation.

There were still sections needing trimmed. Tree trimming is very expensive. Son-in-law Chad knows someone who owns a truck with a cherrypicker on it. The owner kindly loaned said truck with cherrypicker to Chad, and he has been busy both yesterday evening and today trimming the tree, or what he can reach of it.

It is a rather scary looking job to me--but I am certain that Chad is having a good time doing it!


  1. It looks kind of fun to me, too!

  2. Not me! But, it is fun seeing Chad in a bucket. :)