Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Walda Through My Windows

Other family members have blogged about snowstorm Walda. So I won't. . .much.

When I looked outside early this morning, I decided to take some snowy spring photos, as seen from my windows.

That was the plan. And I did it.

However, I got some strange effects, because the camera wanted to focus on the window screen rather than what was beyond it. And the photos I took of my bathroom window came out all goldy. Kind of pretty, but my bathroom walls are white, the window frames are white, and the curtain is white!

I'm not ambitious enough to put on my boots and coat and go outside and roam around finding good snow pictures. So here is Walda through my windows.

From the Living Room
Our street--with screen effects.
Through the kitchen window.
The Golden Bathroom

Screens are great for summer--not so great to photograph through!
And, of course, the snowy deck. The chairs have been arranged by the wind.


  1. The golden bathroom is just weird! I really wonder what caused that???

  2. I really love your golden bathroom!

  3. Your bathroom curtain is the same as mine...except mine isn't gold.