Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Have Lost My. . .

I have lost my camera download cord. Or, maybe it is my mind I have lost. Or both.

Yesterday I took a few photos of Megan clearing the new snow out of the front driveway (a job that equals fun for a kid when it involves driving the four-wheeler with snowplow). Then I went to my computer to download the photos from my camera.

The cord was missing. It usually lives attached to the computer. It wasn't there. So I looked in the other two places in my desk where I have sometimes kept it. Not there either.

I have searched all the likely places several times. I have searched the marginally likely places such as under the desk. I even searched the wastebasket that sits under a corner of the desk. No luck.

Then I began searching unlikely places--the drawers in the living room tables, my scrapbooking equipment boxes, the drawer in my dresser where I have an old film camera and a couple of camera cases. I walked through the whole house, hoping to stir a memory of where I might have put it or absent-mindedly laid it down (why would I have been carrying it around?). No inspirations fell upon me.

Then I repeated all of the above.

I am coming to the conclusion that the only way it will ever be found is if I order a replacement cord. As soon as the new cord arrives, I am sure I'll find the missing one!


  1. Sounds like you and I have the same invisible imp. I don't know how many times I have ordered a replacement, and THEN found what I lost. :)

  2. I always put it in the same place but it seems to get legs a walk away. what to do?

    1. You know all those stories and movies where toys or other inanimate objects come to life when no humans are around--I'm beginning to believe that it's real....(insert spooky music here!)