Wednesday, June 3, 2015


What a beautiful morning we had today! It was perfect for finishing the planting of my deck garden. I had planted most of my pots a few days ago, but needed just a few more things.

Anne Marie and I had another shopping trip at various greenhouses a couple of days ago, and I bought what I needed to finish the project.

And now I have 38 pots of various types and sizes, all planted and ready to grow ever more beautiful as summer progresses.

I mostly have petunias, plus one geranium (its gorgeous blooms caught my eye and I couldn't leave without it), two tomatoes, and two plants with little white blooms that grow into vines that hopefully will drape over the sides of the two big corner pots that I put tomatoes in.

I use petunias because I have found that they are hardier that many of the types of flowers I have used in other years. Petunias can withstand a light frost, and even an early snowfall. They come in so many varieties of colors and blossom patterns that I find I don't really miss having the other kinds of flowers I formerly planted.

After I finished the planting, I swept the deck--which it sorely needed. I removed quite a pile of debris blown in over the winter, leaves blown down from the cottonwood tree in last night's storm, sticky pod shells dropped by the tree, and potting soil. I always try to be neat and tidy while planting, but always end up with soil sprinkled all around the area.

The deck is now a pleasant place to spend time, and that is just what I did when I finished. I sat down with any icy Coke and a book on my Kindle, and relaxed for awhile.

My next outdoor project is to clean and refurbish my deck "people." The sun and weather fade a lot of the colors, so I will repaint the parts that need it and give them a new clear, protective coat. That should keep them looking good for at least a couple of years.

My flowers are just babies now, but with some warm weather they will soon explode with growth and surround my deck with blossoms and beauty.