Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Art Symposium

The Art Symposium
Today we traveled to Casper to visit the State High School Art Symposium. Chad, Megan, and I rode down in one car, while Anne Marie and friend Gwen (and Gwen's dog Samantha, aka Sam) traveled in Gwen's truck. Megan's paternal grandparents came from Buffalo and met us at the Casper Events Center where the Symposium was held.

I was simply visually overwhelmed. So many exhibits! It was impossible to view them all. It is the sort of thing that needs to be visited several times, looking at just a portion each time. Of course, that was not possible for us. Nevertheless, I can say with certainty that there is a great deal of artistic talent to be found in Wyoming's young people.

Megan's acrylic painting of the Lower Falls of the
Yellowstone River.
There was art in many mediums--paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, multi-medium, and some I don't really know how to classify. I would hate to be a judge for such an event; there was just too much to do justice to reallly seeing each item.

Some pieces I was in awe of. Some pieces I wondered why the teacher had selected them to be submitted. Some pieces showed outstanding imaginative concepts; some were very large, some were very small. Some used ordinary materials in extraordinary ways. Some were rather spooky. Some had a message. And I did not really get a good look at the majority of the pieces. There was just too much to take in!

Wyoming's first lady had selected her favorites, which were displayed on a separate table. I tried to take some photos of her selections, most of which I very much liked, but since they were displayed lying flat on a table the photos did not turn out well.

Megan's Sunset Owl
When we left the Symposium we visited with Chad's folks (and Sam the dog) for a few minutes outside, then went our separate ways. After lunch, we said goodbye and "Drive Safe and Sanitary" to Gwen, as she was traveling on to Denver to visit a niece there. We went on to shop at the mall, then headed home.

A quick trip, but very enjoyable!


  1. Steven went yesterday with a bus full of students. He had pretty much the same type of comments. I am glad you got to go.

    1. I'm surprised we didn't run into Steven. But there were a lot of people. Not knowing what he had submitted, we did not know what to look for of his work. I checked the name tags on some drawings that I thought might be something he would do, but no luck. I should have asked you before we went what to look for!

    2. P.S. Anne Marie tells me it was Friday, not Saturday, when Steven was at the Art Symposium, which explains why we didn't see him!

  2. I especially love the owl!