Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

The Wedding Party
Twenty-four years ago today our daughter Anne Marie married her high school sweetheart Chad. He was by then in the Air Force, and had just completed basic training followed by another training session in some computer area. He had a brief leave before checking in at his posting in Florida.

The Bride and Groom
So the wedding was held during that leave and the bride and groom departed from the reception headed for their new life. It was a year and a half before we saw them again. We were happy for them, but it was hard on her parents to have such an abrupt separation! More than a few tears were shed by us both over the next several days.

Grandma Rose, super seamstress, made Anne Marie's wedding gown and one of the bridesmaid's dresses. I made the dress for the youngest bridesmaid, and the other bridesmaid's and the flower girl's dresses were made by their respective mothers. I'm certainly glad that the men did not require sewing--Anne Marie and Chad had given us only about a month to get ready for a wedding!

We already loved Chad. He'd been in our home a great deal over the past four years, and we were happy to have him as our son-in-law. He is a good man, a good husband and father, and a good son to me. 

So--Happy Anniversary, Chad and Anne Marie!

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  1. Ooooh.... so sweet! Happy Anniversary to Chad and Anne Marie!