Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cooling Off in the Good Ol' Summertime

Today the sun is shining and the temperature is predicted to reach the mid 60s (F.). That's not exactly summertime in this part of the world, and that warmth will yet come and go for quite some time before summer settles in. So, this may seem an odd topic for a barely-spring day in Wyoming.

However, I have learned that if something comes to mind that I might blog about one day, it is better not to wait. It may be in my mind today, but lost forever by the "appropriate" time!

In the non-airconditioned days of my growing up, our favorite way of cooling off on a hot summer day was running through the sprinklers. This is a fun activity that kids today can still be seen doing. All that is necessary is a hose with a sprinkler attached. Add some friends and you are ready for lots of shrieking, gasping, giggling, cooling-off fun.

When you take an overheated skin and spray cold water on it, the shock is instantaneous. It takes quite a few passes through the spray to accustom the body. Lots of dancing in and out, leaping, screaming, and daring each other to stay in longer takes place. Finally, there is the display of toughness--standing right over the sprinkler head for as long as possible! And, of course, someone will always pick up the hose and pursue the others with the sprinkler, trying to get close enough to deliver a good dousing. More shrieking and running! When thoroughly chilled, a towel and a spot in the sunshine is called for. When warm, do it all again.

Back Row: Darryl Lynde, one of the McHenry boys, Forest Putnam
Front Row: Michelle, Terry, Lois Dorr, Grace
My mother took these photographs of a group of us--sisters, visiting country friends, and neighborhood buddies--gathered in our swimsuits, ready for a sprinkler party, one day in about 1948 or '49 (just guessing on the date by the size of the kids).

Don't you just love how stylish our suits are? Actually, I really like the one Grace is wearing. Terry's and Lois's are very much in the style of the times, and mine was obviously meant for someone a good deal more mature than I!

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  1. Oh, I remember how excited we were when Lois and Forest got to come for a visit! We had a lot of fun with those neighbor kids too.