Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Angels on My Wall

  It is time to put away the Christmas decorations. I always miss the decorations for a time after they are put away for another year--everything seems plain and drab until my brain becomes adjusted to the everyday look of things.

Before they are packed away, I took some photos of the angels on my walls. These angels are actually Christmas ornaments, but I have begun putting them up on the wall rather than on the tree. They just sort of disappear amongst all the other things on the tree, and some of them are heavy enough they really don't work well on my small tree. However, I do want to see and enjoy them every year. So--on the wall.

Most of these angelic ornaments have been gifts from my daughter's family. This year's angel is four inches tall with incredible detail. In one hand she is holding a stable with Mary and Joseph. In the other hand is a tiny manger with the baby Jesus. You have to look closely to see it. Swirled around her skirts are banners with the slogan "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."

These ornaments are tiny works of art and they please my eye.