Friday, January 17, 2014

The Miracle

In my last post I promised to tell about my miracle that happened last week.

It is a simple little story and won't take long to tell.

Last Saturday I was once again at the clinic. My bronchitis was not getting better and the medications were making me have constant tremors. My coordination was shot.

The doctor changed all my medications. This made sense to me, because I was not getting better on what I was doing. I left the clinic with a sheaf of new prescriptions.

Off to Walgreens. I stayed in the car (no point in coughing through the store) and Anne Marie took my prescriptions in. At the pharmacy she was told that one of the prescriptions, Levabuterol for use with the nebulizer, would be $289. It would not be covered at all by my insurance because I was not diagnosed with COPD. However, she would contact the clinic for a rating on the chance that there might be some way to get it at least partially covered by insurance. She really did not think it would be.

Later in the day Anne Marie picked up my prescriptions. Rather than $289, the Levalbuterol was $13!

Wow. That saved me $276. This is definitely a big deal for me.

And what came to my mind was the little white sock I put on my Christmas tree (see that story here).

God is in the little things, and I am thankful.

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