Monday, January 6, 2014

A Few Laughs from Christmas Eve

Our friend Gwen spends Christmas Eve with us, and after supper we have a little gift exchange. This year she had a good time picking out items with slogans for each of us. I am going to share those.

These first two were for Chad.
Chad has a very demanding job. He does not take it kindly when co-workers interrupt him just to chat.
He loves his tools and he loves his daughter more!
The next two are Anne Marie's.
This one makes me think of Judge Judy.
Okay, we know Anne Marie's had fun more than once, but the cat's expression is hilarious!
And then there is Megan's T-Shirt.
I'm sure Jesus has a great sense of humor and enjoys this, too!
And I received this nightshirt tee:

Wasn't this just perfect for me?

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