Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Chad!

The Birthday Boy
Yesterday was my dear son-in-law's birthday. He has been such great addition to our family since he first started pursuing our daughter when they were still only 15 years old. (Of course, then we had no idea what he would become for our family!) Their first date was 29 years ago. He is his parents' son, but I also see him as a son of mine.

The Birdies had such a busy, busy day yesterday that there was just a short window of time for birthday cake and gifts. I got a few quick photos, but forgot to check the setting on my camera. When I downloaded the pictures they were definitely sub-par--the setting was for landscape rather than people up close. I've got to remember to check these things!!

Chad is a good and loving father--which means sitting on his daughter when she needs it!
Megan gave her dad an Angry Birds speaker--and the inner lid inscription couldn't have been more fitting.
Chad and the Angry Bird

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