Sunday, December 8, 2013

In the Little Things

Today our pastor gave a message about seeing Jesus in the little things. He used a number of Scriptures and examples, but here's what stuck with me.

A friend of the pastor's is a man from Africa named David. He had told how it was once very difficult for him to speak of his Christian faith to his people, because they see Christianity as a white man's religion. Then a little thing jumped out for him from the Scriptures. It was the story of how Joseph took Mary and the young Jesus to Egypt to escape Herod. Jesus had lived in Africa! He can now explain to his fellow Africans that Jesus is not just for the white people. Jesus knows and experienced life in Africa. He is for Africans.

In speaking of God being in the little things, we were reminded of the importance of little things that are happening while we may be hoping for some big miracle, some extraordinary event.

Thinking of little things, I wonder how many I have overlooked as being a touch of God. An amusing event or a funny story in a blog that gives me a moment of laughter to lighten my day. An appreciative comment after I've taught a class that encourages me to continue doing it. A hug from my granddaughter. A book that takes me to places I'll never actually go to. A phone call from my elderly aunt with words of appreciation and encouragement. Those are just a few "little things" that were in my life in the past few days. If I keep thinking about it, I'm sure many more will come to mind.

At the close of the message this morning, everyone in the congregation received a gift. The gift was one white baby sock. It is to remind us to see God in the little things. I'm going to hang mine on the Christmas tree. Every time I notice that little white sock, my mind will turn to the little things that bless my life.

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  1. Very good lesson and the little sock is a great reminder.