Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dosing My Way Through the Day

A couple of days ago I told my daughter and granddaughter that I had a new career--dosing myself. My day revolves around doses of medications. I have been fighting this respiratory problem since Christmas Eve. I completed one round of antibiotic (it seemed to help against the original bug, but the problem morphed into asthmatic bronchitis), a round of prednisone, codeine cough syrup, plus breathing treatments with albuterol delivered through my nebulizer.

I was coughing even worse and had constant tremors from the medication.

Back to the clinic. A change in nebulizer solution, a different antibiotic, a different cough syrup, and a change to a Flovent inhaler.

The cough syrup was the first to go. The hydrocodone/antihistamine did have a drying effect, but mostly it made me woozy. So I went back to Zyrtec for the antihistamine.

So, every day this is what I have to do:
  • Two puffs twice a day of Flovent
  • Antibiotic capsule twice a day
  • Nebulize three times a day
  • Eye drops (for glaucoma) three times a day
  • My regular medications (blood pressure, bones, joints, tremor) twice a day.
I'm beginning to feel like a walking medicine chest!

Now if it would all make me well, not just keep me busy.

I did receive a little miracle last week. I'll try to remember to tell about that tomorrow.


  1. This has gone on too long!

    I am anxious to hear about a miracle, though.

  2. you and I should buy stock in our pharmacies. :)