Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Eyes Have It

Yesterday my daughter and I made a quick trip to Rapid City. I had my semi-annual appointment at the Eye Institute, and Anne Marie is my faithful chauffeur. I also have her come with me to the inner sanctums to be another pair of ears (and brains) when I see the doctor. I've learned that even when I'm sure I'm absorbing everything the doctor says, after I'm home I realize that the stress of the moment has erased some things from my mind. It is good to have someone else hearing it all. Between the two of us we'll remember everything important!

I have several strikes against my vision. I have been very nearsighted since childhood. About twelve years ago I developed myopic macular degeneration. Then, although the pressure in my eyes has always tested in the normal range, for me that was still too high and I developed glaucoma. And to top it off, I have cataracts developing!

But, amazingly, I still can see fairly well with glasses--well enough that the State of Wyoming just issued me a new driver's license. Anne Marie still prefers that I let her drive me places, and that's fine with me.

The report I got yesterday was very good. The major problems for my vision cannot be fixed, so preventing further deterioration is the goal. The condition of my eyes has not changed.

And for me that is great news.