Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yellowstone Wednesday

I'm still working on my photo-journal from our Yellowstone vacation. I'm currently formatting and composing Friday's section, but here I am sharing photos from Wednesday, August 8.

Bison always have the right of way--and they don't hurry!

Amigo, our friend Gwen's chihuahua, went down the bank for a drink from the Yellowstone River. Climbing back up the bank was more of a challenge. Chad coaxed and encouraged him until he finally scrambled up.

Gwen and Megan took Samantha into a shallow part of the river to play. Sam wasn't too enthusiastic at first, but gained confidence with time.
When she came out of the river Sam first tried to shake off on various people, then began rubbing and rolling on the ground to dry off. Soon this blond retriever was two-toned--blond and black. Gwen gave her a good rubdown with an old towel before letting her back in the truck.

This bison bull was hanging out in the Sulfur Cauldron area. The bubbling mud volcanoes scent the air with the strong odor of sulfur and have created a large mineral deposit area. The bison may hang out here in summer to discourage insect pests; in the winter they like the warmth. This bull had been rolling in the minerals and was liberally dusted with white deposits.
This is the same bull a little later. He left the cauldron area when another bull began challenging and was meandering down the highway just the road width from the tourist viewing area. Sensible people backed off; foolish ones moved closer to take pictures. Fortunately, this big boy just ignored them.

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