Wednesday, August 29, 2012

She's a Sophomore!

There was only time for one quick snapshot--perhaps her Mom will have gotten some better ones.
Yesterday was the first day of school. I caught Megan on the fly when she ran upstairs to get something she'd left in my house. She paused just long enough for me to take this photo, then off she went for her first day as a sophomore.
We have a rather odd arrangement here for high school. There are two Junior Highs (now grades 7-9). Then there is a separate school some distance away that is Sophomores (10th grade) only. Juniors and Seniors are in yet another school.
I believe this odd arrangement came about because of the reluctance of our town to have two separate high schools. Sports enthusiasts are afraid that splitting into two high schools might weaken the sports teams as a power in the state. The South Campus, now for sophomores only, originally held certain classes, which involved students moving between North and South Campuses during the day. This meant students were on the road throughout the school day--a very inefficient, and even dangerous system, as it put students in their cars on the busiest street in town, rushing from one building to another.
So after a few years of that they decided that South Campus would be for sophomores only, and the constant traffic back and forth would be halted. However, band involves 9th through 12th grade students, so everyone meets at North Campus for band.
There is talk now of going to two completely separate high schools. But building schools is expensive. Maybe someday this odd arrangement we have will be normalized.
For now, sophomores rule in their own school!

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  1. Yes, I think it is time for your town to realize they are a grown up city, ready to support 2 high schools. It sure seems like a lot of weird maneuvering in an attempt to have a stronger sports program. Plus, it makes certain other towns mad, probably because they didn't think of that.