Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday Morning Bible Study

I was quite nervous Sunday morning. It would be my first time teaching an adult class at the church we are now attending. I did not know if anyone would show up (this congregation had not had Sunday School for a year or two and people do get out of the habit of attending). I had only a slight acquaintance with people in this congregation. And I was using a group discussion format--what if no one would talk?

Anyone who has taught any kind of class knows that the worst thing, as a teacher, is to throw out a question to the class for discussion and no one speaks. It is like they all have turned to stone. The silence lengthens. Finally, as class leader, you have to put forth your own take on the question. You wonder if the class is shy, afraid of giving the "wrong" answer, or simply bored into stupors. And you get very tired of listening to your own voice, when you had hoped for class participation.

My fears were unjustified. A nice group showed up for class, a mixture of men and women. And they were great participators! I really enjoyed being back teaching (leading) a class, having an opportunity to start getting acquainted with people, and hearing some of their life experiences that applied to the subject at hand.

The pastor plans to take this class half the time, and I will have it the other half. Now I am looking forward to the mental/spiritual challenge and stimulation of being both a teacher and a class member on Sunday mornings.


  1. We had less luck with participation...we had a room full of tired teens, who mostly were not there by choice! Fear not, we will dig them out of their indifferent shells...eventually!

  2. I love my church family. There definitely is a good reason that God wants us all to worship together and get involved. Glad your class turned out great.