Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Long Day on the Road (With Some Successes)

Today Anne Marie and I made a quick trip to Billings. I had a 9:40 a.m. appointment with my doctor, which meant we left home, in the dark, at 5:30. The trip went smoothly for us, though we did see one unfortunate fellow whose truck was smashed in the front end from hitting a deer, evidently just moments before we passed by. He was out of the truck, so there was no need for us to stop.

The sun came up. It would have been a perfectly beautiful Fall day, if it weren't for the smoke from the forest fires in the Big Horns. As we drove through the long stretches of Montana's wide-open spaces, we began to see beautiful displays of autumn foliage in the trees growing along river banks and in the deep draws that receive the benefit of runoff water. We couldn't stop on the  way to Billings, but made plans to try to get a few photos on the way home.
Trees along a river, as seen through a railroad bridge.

My doctor says I am a problem. My thyroid has been doing weird things for a long time. She had started me on synthroid a few weeks ago. It was not agreeing with me. So today she said to stop taking it, get a few more blood tests, and we'd see what it was doing.

Well, with that taken care of for the moment, we moved on to the fun part of the day. Ordinarily, I am a most reluctant shopper. I just missed the shopping gene. It is a chore for me, and I really hate trying on clothes. But I really needed some clothes. I'd done some looking in Rapid City, to no avail. I always have trouble, because I am not standard sized. I'm too tall for most regular women's sizes. I am too short for the specialty women's tall sizes. I used to make my own clothing, but I've reached a stage of life where I just don't feel like sewing.

Today Anne Marie took me to Dillard's in Billings. They had lots of clothes that fitted me! I found nice slacks that were perfect in fit and length. I found jackets that were the perfect sleeve and waist length. Likewise, blouses and tops that fit right. I put together several mix and match outfits, and left there poorer but thrilled! I even had fun shopping and trying on clothes because I was finally finding things I really liked (as opposed to just settling for) and that FIT!

On the way home we listened to a recorded book by a favorite author, and did take some Fall foliage photos. The light was not great for photography because of the smoke in the air and an overcast sky, but we got a few good ones.
Treetops peeking out of a draw between hills.
When I leaned out of the car window to photograph trees on a hilltop, I inadvertently took a picture of myself.
Fall foliage is fleeting, but gives a moment of glory.

The day started early, had a lot of road time, but some real rewards to it. And I enjoyed the day with my daughter. Thanks, Anne Marie!


  1. You're welcome...I had fun, too! The pictures turned out very nicely, haze and all.

  2. I'll say! Those are some really pretty photographs!

    We're looking forward to seeing you this week-end!