Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Real Live Successful Writer

Last night my sister Grace and I went out again. This time we attended an event at the Public Library. It was a kickoff for a One Book Community Reading program (I may not have the title quite right, but that is the gist of it). The book chosen for this read it-pass it along-get together and discuss it event is The Dark Horse by Craig Johnson.

Craig Johnson lives on a ranch near Ucross, Wyoming. The nearest real town is Buffalo, Wyoming, which goes under the pseudonym of Durant in his books. Johnson writes mysteries that I'd have a hard time categorizing. They feature Sheriff Walt Longmire of Absaroka County, the fictitious county based on Johnson County. The new A&E series Longmire is based upon his characters.

Craig Johnson is a very good writer, and he is just as good at entertaining an audience. He definitely has the gift of gab, a born storyteller. He read a portion of The Dark Horse, then answered questions from the overflow audience. No matter what the question was, whether it concerned the books or the TV show, he always had a good story to go with the answer.

I read The Dark Horse when it came out in 2009 (well, actually, I've read all his books, the free short stories he sends out to people on his email list at Christmas, and the e-book novella available from Amazon).  However, I have forgotten enough of the details that I am now reading it again. This time I'll slow down and savor a bit. The first time through a book I tend to gulp it down to get the story. So impatient! But a book I really like I will read and enjoy again.

It was a fun evening, and Grace and I finished it off by going out for dinner.

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