Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Television Tyranny

Last night I realized something that had me laughing internally at myself.

A little background. For years I've groused about the fact I have over a hundred TV channels but "there's nothing much but the news worth watching." There were, of course, some shows I did enjoy--the unscripted, real people ones like American Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, and Apprentice. These shows are only on for a few weeks at a time, each season has an ending that completes the particular adventure, and they are full of human interest.

The "story" shows I had grown impatient, and often disgusted, with. The comedy shows have grown to depend on sexual innuendo for their humor. The great comedies of the past, whose writers actually had wit and comedic sense that did not depend on dirty jokes and people pursuing various bed partners, are no more. The dramas also feature very little originality and a lot of carnality.

But...this year I find that I've gotten interested in several dramas that are interesting, or quirky, or mysterious, or whose characters I developed a fondness for. I have a DVR which I set to record these shows so that I can skip the commercials and watch an hour show in 40 minutes. I can watch them by my own schedule, when I have the time and inclination. After I watch a show, I erase it from my DVR.

So, what was my silly revelation?

I realized I was feeling a sense of pressure to watch those stored TV episodes and get them cleared off the recorder. I was watching TV when I'd really rather be reading a book or working on a project!

In just a week or two we will be firmly into re-run season. If there are shows I haven't felt like watching yet, but know I do want to watch, I can catch up on them then.

I am declaring myself free from TV Tyranny!

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