Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Meeting at the Cemetery

Grace and Sue
My niece Susan has blogged ( about the visit she and her daughter and granddaughter made to our town yesterday to visit her mother--my sister Grace. My daughter, Anne Marie, and I met them at the cemetery where so many family members are buried. We were there to pick up the Memorial Day decorations and visit the graves.

It was a first visit to this cemetery for Maria ( and little Cordelia. We all took photos, of course. So here are my versions of our visit.
Maria and Cordelia, who was feeling rather shy as they had just
arrived. I doubted that she would remember me, so introduced myself
to her as her Great-great aunt Michelle. Wow--it's a little shocking
to think of myself as a great-great!

Cordelia in her pretty pink outfit.
Cordelia balance walking. As she grew accustomed to us, the shyness
was gone and she became a charming chatterbox.

As we picked up the flowers from the graves, Cordelia distributed
them to each of us, making sure everyone had flowers to carry.
Then, in a few minutes, she would redistribute, so that we each had
a different bouquet.  I guess she wanted us each to have a chance to
hold every one of them.

Maria, Sue, Michelle, Anne Marie, Cordelia


  1. Thank you so much for thinking to invite us. I was really happy to be there with you.

  2. Thanks for sharing the part I had to miss. I love my family, past and present.

  3. Thanks for meeting us there and giving us the tour. I have long wanted to visit.