Friday, May 25, 2012

It's All in What You're Used To

Part of my deck garden. In a few weeks the pots will be
overflowing with lush blooms.
A number of years ago, while I was standing in a checkout line in a store in Rapid City, South Dakota, I overheard a conversation between two tourists from Georgia. They were complaining about the dry air and how uncomfortable it made their skin.

I couldn't laugh out loud or comment on what I was hearing, but I certainly had an internal chuckle.

I had just been thinking how uncomfortably humid the weather was that day!

It really is all in what you are used to. When we have a few gray and rainy days like today, I begin to yearn for blue skies and sunshine. I wonder how people can bear to live in places where it rains all the time. Intellectually, I know that those rainy-place people wonder how we can bear to live in semi-arid prairie country. Emotionally, I don't buy it!
When it rains, a puddle always forms in the corner or the
deck table. My granddaughter left a rock art project on the
table and it is now under water.

Wyoming needs water. When we get the nice rains we are now having, I truly appreciate it. I am happy that my newly planted deck garden (34 pots of various sizes!) is being watered from the sky, rather than from me carrying watering cans of water from inside my house. (One thing I overlooked when planning the construction of my house was to put an exterior spigot on the deck. Guess the exercise is good for me!) I am glad that the prairie will be green and blooming. I am grateful that the dust storms of April are watered down.

But I have been checking the long-range forecast to see when the sun is coming back!


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  2. I do not like high humidity but I have to admit, even though I've lived most of my life in the West, I do appreciate enough moisture in the air to keep my skin from cracking. I suppose my years in Minnesota made me more tolerant of humidity. My New Mexico years made me appreciate lotion and lip balm!

  3. I am also ready for some sun; especially since I found out, through necessity, that my windshield wipers didn't get hooked back up during the repair. Oh Bud . . .