Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Coffee on the deck last summer.
One of life's simple pleasures for me is taking my morning coffee out on the deck, relaxing, and enjoying the morning. Of course, living in northern Wyoming means that I only do this for a very limited part of the year. If it is cold or too windy I'll enjoy that cup of coffee in the comfort of my living room.

Yesterday was the first time this year that it was comfortably warm enough, early enough, that I took my coffee to the deck. However. . .I couldn't relax. The morning was beautiful, the air was calm, the birds were busily twittering, but I couldn't settle down and enjoy it. I was restless because another simple pleasure was calling me.

Some of last summer's flowers.
The day before, my daughter and I had gone flower shopping. I had spent my Mother's Day gift of flower money and then some on flowers for my deck pots. All those baby petunias, geraniums, and others were sitting there waiting for their summer homes. Although it is earlier than I usually risk setting out the tender plants, the long range weather forecast sees no possible frost for the next two weeks, which takes us to June.

So I decided I just couldn't wait. Those empty pots needed filled! I abandoned my coffee, got out the fertilizer, gardening gloves, watering pot, and the big old spoon that I use instead of a trowel. I turned on some music for company and started planting.

I couldn't get all the pots filled yesterday (there are more than thirty). I can't take much direct sun, so had to stop when the sun reached high enough to erase the shade from the deck. I'll plant more today. Then, I'll be able to enjoy that morning coffee on the deck surrounded by flowers. A sweet simple pleasure.

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