Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brain Burps

This morning I awoke very early. I tried to go back to sleep, but was unsuccessful. My head was too full of last minute things I needed to get done before it is time to collect my son and daughter-in-law from the airport shortly after noon. (They are coming for my granddaughter's graduation, and she is very excited. We haven't been with her Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jeremy in person for several years. I am, needless to say, equally excited.)

Anyway, as I was lying there hoping to get a little more sleep, my brain was buzzing with a lot of very mundane list making--what to do first, what was essential to get done, what could wait if necessary.

I tried to relax. More sleep would be of great benefit to me.

Then this sentence suddenly wafted through my mind.

"Give me your ice cream training sword!"

No, I had not been thinking about ice cream. Or training. Or swords.

How do our brains come up with such randomness? It happens every night in dreams, or on the edge of sleep, and sometimes even when awake.

Scientists have done much in gaining an understanding of the mechanics of the brain. However, when I read the simplified explanations put out for us non-scientific lay folk, it sounds wonderfully complicated, but doesn't really explain how these physical processes result in THOUGHT.

Within that not-very-attractive, convoluted mass that inhabits our skulls, lies the essence of our personality, intelligence, character, memory, learned motor skills (we don't have to relearn every day how to brush our teeth), talents, the storehouse of everything we have learned and done, and the management of the rest of our bodies.

I stand in awe of our Creator, who not only thought about and designed this wonder, but made it work.

Even though it sometimes just throws together random words.

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