Friday, May 22, 2015

Waiting. . . Anticipating...

In yesterday's post I mentioned that my son and daughter-in-law would be arriving by plane shortly after noon. We were all so excited! And, then. . .

Jeremy and Ruth had to be at the airport in Providence, RI, by 6 a.m. (EDT). The first leg of their journey took them only as far as New Jersey, where they changed planes for Denver. The plane in NJ arrived late and left even later.

Aaaargh! That meant they missed their connecting flight from Denver to Gillette and the next one did not leave Denver until 10 p.m. (MDT). Since they did not find spending twelve hours in the airport attractive, they rented a car (after a ridiculously long wait for their baggage). Even with a five-hour drive through Colorado and Wyoming they would still arrive hours before that late flight.

Jeremy kept his sister posted via texting as to where they were in their trek north through
Wyoming. After they passed Wright I kept close watch out my window. I didn't want to
miss seeing them drive in. As they got out of the car I snapped this photo through my window.
So--we missed a half day of our time with them. Grrrr. But I am still so grateful they are here. They arrived very, very tired from their long, long day. We had some supper (Taco John's--always Jeremy's choice for first meal when he gets to Wyoming), a little visiting, and off to bed.

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