Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Party's Over

I am feeling rather sad and exhausted today. The exhaustion is due to lack of sleep following several very busy days. The sad is because our out-of town guests have all departed. We see them seldom and the visits were short.

Jean and Lyle left yesterday morning early from their hotel, so we said goodbye to them on Sunday night. This morning Jeremy and Ruth left by plane. They had to be at the airport by about 5 a.m. and their flight departed shortly after six. They were in Denver an hour later, and arrived back in Rhode Island around 2 p.m. our time.

We were all up shortly after 4 a.m. Jeremy and Ruth were getting ready to leave, I was up to have a few moments of being with them before we had to say goodbye, Megan came up to my house to say goodbye, and Anne Marie was up to take them to the airport. It was a short night and an early morning.

Jean and Lyle at the post-graduation gathering
Jeremy and Ruth, standing by the door ready to leave. I think
we were all feeling a little teary at that point.
The time together always seems too short, but is so very precious.

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