Friday, April 10, 2015

Today's Walk

The weather was perfect for a walk this morning, so back to the lake we went. This time Anne Marie brought her dog and her big lens camera.

Anne Marie and Trixie

And the timing was perfect.

A group of freshwater pelicans was in flight, circling around, apparently preparing to move on. The sunlight on them in flight created a wonderful, gorgeous picture. Even with my eyes, it was amazing when they flew right over us.

Anne Marie took lots of photos, and I'm sure some of them at least will be publication worthy. She will share some, and I am anxious to see what she got.

With the photography opportunities, our walk was fast, slow, pause, fast, etc. Trixie the dog would get worried if I walked on ahead too far with her while Anne Marie was taking pictures. Herding variety dogs really, really like their pack to stay together!

Photographer at work.
With the pauses, we spent about ten minutes longer than usual at the lake. Love the sunshine and fresh air.

The geese like to go for a stroll, too.

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