Sunday, May 24, 2015


Yesterday a group of us, hometowners and visitors, gathered at the Mt. Pisgah cemetery to remember those we love who have moved on.

Anne Marie decorating for her Dad.
Sister Grace, Daughter-in-law Ruth, Sister-in-law Jeannie.
Remembering is precious, but also can be sad.
Ruth, Jeremy, Megan, Jeannie, Lyle, Michelle, Grace
Ruth, Jeremy, Megan, Anne Marie, Jeannie, Lyle, Michelle
The Birdies, Grace, and I have been meeting to decorate for Memorial day for at least seventeen years. Mother was with us at first--she had been doing it for years before. Some years others were able to be with us.

We are under no illusion that it makes a difference to our beloved dead. But it makes a difference to us. It is good to remember those who have gone before us, to take a little time to pause and remember the people and the past that have contributed to our lives.

I am so thankful for them.

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