Sunday, July 21, 2013


Yesterday sister Grace took me with her to visit her daughter Sue's family, where there were some special family members visiting. For these multi-generational gatherings, relationships can get confusing. So here is how they relate to me:

Grace is my sister.
Sue, her daughter, is my niece. Sue is married to Mike. Their children (my grandniece and nephews) are:
     Maria (husband Eric)
     Ben (wife Sara)
Maria and Eric have two little girls, Cordelia (aged almost four) and Elise (just turned one), who are my great-grandnieces.

I think you can figure out the more direct relationship line to Grace!

Ben and Sara live in North Carolina, so it is a special event when they are able to come to Wyoming for a visit. Grace and I made a quick over-in-the-morning and back-in-the-afternoon trip to join in the family gathering. It was lovely to be with them for those few hours.

Here are a few of the photos I took.

Cordelia and Maria
Eric and Elise
Ben and Elise
Cordelia gave her Uncle Ben quite a workout
Sara, genetic researcher, working on her PhD, and great Blongo Ball tosser (more about that tomorrow) 
Grace and great-granddaughter Elise
Grandpa Mike with Elise (caught in a blink), with Ben in the background
More on this visit tomorrow.