Monday, July 22, 2013

Continuing on with The Visit (from yesterday's blog)

While some of us were visiting in the house, Eric and Mike took Ben and Sara outdoors to introduce them to Blongo Ball (if you are also unfamiliar with this game, you can read about it in Sue's blog here). The sprinklers were on in the backyard, so they set the goals up on the front lawn.

The game begins. The goals were a lot farther apart than the photo makes it look.
When they were set up, we joined them outside to be the audience. It can take a few throws to get the range and develop a throwing technique. Sara's throws were falling a little low and short, so she wisely tried a new method--the high-arching lob. I think it would have worked very well . . . if it weren't for the big tree.

The Blongo Balls went up, but they did not come down.

Since they were bright orange they could be seen high in the tree. It was reminiscent of Charlie Brown and the kite-eating tree!

Where'd they go?
Men love a challenge and they immediately began to try different ways to knock the balls out of the tree. While Mike went to collect some things he thought might be useful, Eric grabbed the hose, set the nozzle to the power spray setting, and tried to blast the balls out of the tree with the water stream. Although the balls did not come down, there was some excitement. The hose, one of those "magic" lightweight expanding types, developed a bulge that looked like a clear balloon on its side, which then exploded. Water was running out the side of the hose at the blowout site.

Next they tried Mike's solution. He brought out an assortment of large balls, which the guys took turns tossing up into the tree. They got plenty of exercise heaving those balls into the tree, but the tree won.

Finally, the very agile Ben climbed the tree. From his perch in the tree he was able to toss one of the balls into the limb holding the Blongos, which were shaken free and fell to the ground.

I think the retrieval of the Blongo Balls was probably more fun for the guys than even the game!

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  1. Great photos! Thanks, as I was inside and missed all of that drama. Thanks again for coming.