Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Gift

Sunday evening my granddaughter Megan was working away in my office for quite a long time. I didn't know what she was working on.

Finally she emerged, handed me a sheet of paper, and said, "You can keep this."

Now, Megan loves to draw. If she is watching TV, listening to the book we are reading aloud, sitting in church, or. . .well, you get the idea. She will have pencil and paper and be drawing. Her favorite subjects seem to be animals--both real and imaginary, with or without appropriate backgrounds--but she also likes to draw anime style "people." Her favorite medium is pencil, and she is a master shader.

I often admire something she has drawn, but she rarely let's me keep anything. I think that to her eye the drawings don't perfectly match up to her inner vision and so she won't let anyone have them.

I was very pleased to see that the paper she handed me Sunday evening was a drawing she did for me. It is also different than her usual style work. I do love flowers, and a flower is what she had drawn. This one I'll frame!

Here it is.

By Megan Rose, July 8, 2013.
(It's hard to get an exact color match, or to show the real delicacy of the shading, on the computer. The green isn't quite right, but it's as close as I can get it.)

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