Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In July??!!

At six o'clock this morning I opened my drapes to look at the morning. This is what I saw:

FOG! Fog in mid-July!

Now in many places this would be just a perfectly normal morning sight. Here, it is a surprise. We have been having unusually high humidity, in a region where our summer air is normally very, very dry. I enjoyed seeing this morning fog, but by 6:45 it had disappeared. I went out to the deck to read a little in the Bible before moving on with the day, and found the fog had left behind a heavy, heavy dew. I had to dry off a chair before I could sit down (and still had a rather damp posterior when I got up).

The late rains and the high humidity have been keeping Wyoming green longer than on most years, when the land is already mostly clothed in yellow and brown ripened dried grasses by mid-July. The humidity is not good for my asthma, but I love the green on the hills--especially after last year's dreadful drought.


  1. I love fog. I love how it softens and quiets.

  2. Unfortunately, just 130 miles South it is already getting brown. You guys are definitely getting more fluid than are we.