Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Band Concert

This morning my sister Grace called and asked if I would like to go with her to the Summer Band Camp Concert, which was being held at the High School. Her grandson, Steven, would be playing in the Concert Band section.

I said "Yes." It sounded like fun.

And it was. We met Tina, Steven's mom, in the auditorium and settled down to enjoy.
Waiting to start--Steven on the left.

The introductory piece, and the transition music while groups were changed, was provided by the hand bells group. Lovely sound.

The various groups played their concert numbers, starting with the beginners. I admire those band teachers, who have wonderful patience to work with children who have never played an instrument and must be taught both how to read music and how to play their individual instruments. It was entertaining to see how the tempo and skill increased as the groups progressed through the various levels.

The last group to perform was the Concert Band group, in which grandnephew Steven played the trumpet. They were very good, especially considering that they had only ten days to prepare the music for this concert.

It was a most enjoyable outing!


  1. You got some great pictures! Thanks so much for coming. I enjoy not having to be by myself, and get to see two special ladies in my life. :)