Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Day, Yesterday

Yesterday my daughter and I made a quick trip to Rapid City. It was time for my 6-month checkup at the Eye Institute. The roads were clear, the sun was shining, and we talked all the way there.
Black Hills Regional Eye Institute (from their website)

We arrived at the Institute a half hour early, so Anne Marie used the time to make a call to the surgeon's office in the next step in seeking a solution to the illness that has melted 20 pounds from my granddaughter in less than two months time (and she did not need to lose any weight). Because Megan's gall bladder function test was abnormal, the scheduler set appointments for both the initial interview with the surgeon, and for the surgery itself. This is the same surgeon who removed Anne Marie's gall bladder in December. Megan is so ill that we are very grateful the surgery can be done so soon.

I have only the highest praise for the personnel at the Eye Institute. After the initial pressure test and dilation drops, it was time for a test of visual fields, which helps determine any changes in the damage to my eyes. After that test I was seen by Dr. Nixon. Last August I was very pleased with the results of my checkup, as there was no change and my eye pressures were good. This time the news was not so good. While I don't yet show progression of the glaucoma, the pressure was up in my right eye. Dr. Nixon added a second medication for that eye, to be administered by drops twice a day. I'll go back in about a month to see if it is having any effect. So, the fight continues to save my eyesight.

When we left the Institute, with me in a rather blurry condition due to the dilation making it impossible to focus, we were both ready for lunch. We headed for the Golden Corral. Because of the wide variety of foods offered at their buffet, and their large salad selections, it is a good place for Anne Marie. She can always find foods that work with her need for a gluten-free meal.

When we went into the restaurant the sun was shining. I left my coat in the car, as the temperature was mild and no wind was blowing. When we came out of the restaurant, the sky was overcast, the temperature had dropped, the wind was blowing, and it was starting to snow! Though it was just a short distance to the car, I was wishing for my coat before I got there!

We had one more stop to make before heading home. Hobby Lobby! Anne Marie had things to get for both Chad and Megan. I did not need anything, but it's always fun to roam around that store. I am continually amazed by the sheer number of strange, interesting, fun, lovely, and even useful things they have. While we were roaming, we found they had their spring garden art objects out. Actually, Anne Marie spotted it and pointed it out to me. I was still seeing things in a blur from a little distance. And, of course, that is where I found things that I did not need, but did want. I had Christmas gift money I had not yet spent, so I splurged.

If you know me, you know that these days my gardening is confined to a large number of flower pots framing my second-story deck. Starting with gift garden figurines, I have collected a variety of decorative objects to place among the flowers. And I added two more to my collection yesterday. I also found a large piece I like that will hang on the side of the house. It may still look like winter outside, but spring is coming--and in the meantime the things I bought will live in my house.

Though cloudy, the trip home went smoothly. We listened to a book on tape by a favorite author, and the roads were dry. We watched snow squalls blow across the hilltops in the distance. Sundance Mountain was almost obscured, but by the time we got there the squall had moved on. Though most of the countryside on the trip had just remnants of snow here and there, Sundance was white. It sticks up higher than the surrounding countryside and catches everything.
Snow squalls moving along the tops of the hills.

We were glad to get home.


  1. I hope the new drops are helpful for you. I'm sad that you have such trouble with your eyes, especially since you read so much.