Monday, March 4, 2013


The weather warning is out--we may be facing a mini-blizzard later today.

The wind has already arrived. Last night the front hit with a bang--literally. The house shook with the impact. Even though I have good, and tight, windows, cold air was forced around them. Then there was a long rattle and roar of thunder.

Through the night the wind continued, and it was still blowing hard, whining around the house, making a continual high clanging from my little wind chime on the deck, shoving the deck chairs across the deck until they were stopped by the railing, tearing at the rolled up awning, and tumbling anything loose before it, when I awoke this morning.

The weather warning this morning says we may have snow driven by the wind later today. However, the prediction is for only one to two inches. The danger is not from the amount of snow, but the blinding effect of the wind driving it.

We have had several blizzard warnings this winter. So far no blizzard has materialized. The big storms have always just missed us. Our snow levels for this winter are below normal. Not good news after last summer's drought.

I hate blizzards, having seen many in my lifetime. They are dangerous. They cause great damage to livestock and wildlife. People caught out in them have died.

The amount of snow predicted for today and tonight is really negligible. Not enough to qualify as a real blizzard. If the pattern of the last few predictions holds true we will get wind, but no appreciable moisture.

I'd love for us to get a good snow (rain would be even better!); a blizzard--not so much!

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