Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Bruised Reed

This morning I read a bit from The Story from The Book. This is a condensed version of a paraphrased, easy English, version of the Bible. It is a great book for the novice Bible reader, or anyone who has a hard time getting through the "begats," the detailed laws about sacrifices and religious observances in the Old Testament, or the geographical divisions descriptions in Joshua. It pares the Bible down to the essential accounts of history, prophecy, and poetry. It makes clear the flow of the story of the Bible, of the interaction of God and Mankind, and the plan for the future in His own time.

I recommend it.

This morning one phrase I read really struck me. It comes from the book of Isaiah (you can check the Notes section in the back of the book, if you wonder specifically where the various parts used come from).

This is what jumped out at me--it is part of a Messianic prophecy:

He will not break the bruised reed, nor quench the dimly burning flame.

What a perfect description this is of our human condition. I am bruised, my flame so often burns dimly. What a comfort to know the Chosen One will not see me as so flawed as to be useless, worthy only to be discarded. I am bruised, but He will not break. I burn dimly, but He will not blow out my spark. He has healing and use for me yet! He has comfort, not scorn!

For all of us Bruised Reeds, there is hope and comfort to be found.

(This passage can be found on page 233 in the paperback copy of the book. I did check the references and found that in the complete Bible it is Isaiah 42:3. Isaiah has prophecies both beautiful and dire, for both his time and all the way to the end of time. He writes much about God's Chosen One. And it is all so beautifully written. It is not only prophecy from God, it is great literature.)


  1. When we were in Arizona I think this was the book Mike's Mom was reading. In fact, I think her Bible Study Group was going through it together. I guess I'd better get it.

  2. Me too! Thanks for writing about it!