Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Anne Marie!

Today is my daughter's birthday. Which has me thinking about the time when we brought home our first-born child. That little scrap of human potential planted herself firmly in our hearts. Thinking about this sent me to my old photo book, so I am sharing a few pictures of our new baby.
1969--newly home from the hospital.
Ten days old--just about to have a bath (I remember how nervous I was,
bathing that little thing!).
Her Daddy's Darling
Our little family--Anne Marie just turned two months old.

She is now the mother of a 15-year-old. She is a loving, caring, honorable woman. Life has not been easy for her family the past few months; Chad, Anne Marie, and Megan have all had medical issues. Even four of their five dogs have had many visits to the vet. Anne Marie hasn't been to nursing school, but she is always tending someone, or some pet, that needs care. She is a great help to me, as she was to her grandmother in the past. Because she is concerned about my vision problems, she does the driving for me. She is helpful to friends. She has added teaching a youth Sunday School class to her busy life.
2013--Playing with her cousin's granddaughter, Cordelia

She is a daughter, a woman, to be proud of.

And I am.

Happy Birthday, Anne Marie!