Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Keeping in Touch

A few days ago I sent a copy of one of my favorite snapshots to my 94-year-old aunt Elsie, who lives in a nearby (by Wyoming standards) town.
Mother and her sister Elsie sharing a chair (1967)

Today she called me in response and we had a lovely visit via telephone. Two years ago, prodded by her question, her doctor told her she probably had about three months to live. She has been on hospice care since that time.

Today she told me that she is off hospice care because she has outlived the time they are allowed to keep her on the program!

I love that. She really liked her hospice nurses and will probably miss them, but last fall her sons arranged for a private caregiver to come in daily to fix her breakfast and do a little cleaning. They enjoy each other's company and recently went out to a nice restaurant for a Valentine's treat, together with one of my aunt's sons and his wife.

Old age is definitely not for sissies, as someone wisely put it. But I am glad my aunt is still with us!


  1. What a wonderful Photo! I just love it! Those Mackey girls are amazing.
    I am so glad you do a blog, Michelle. I know I'll love reading it as often as you post it.