Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Sweetness of Family

Today my sister Grace's daughter Sue, Sue's daughter Maria, and Maria's daughters Cordelia and Elise came to town for a short visit at Grace's home. My daughter, Anne Marie, and I joined them. In other words, three generations of Grace's family, two of mine, all of us related in some degree.

The youngest family member--6-month-old Elise

A sweet delight.

Cordelia, age 3. She was wearing a plastic bag as a backpack and playing with a party horn.
In the background is her Great-Grandma Grace.
Anne Marie, Cordelia, and Sue. Cordelia gave Anne Marie quite a workout!
Maria and her girls
Cordelia and Grandma Sue



  1. It was a short but very sweet visit!

  2. Great pics! I am so sorry I missed the fun. Hopefully, you will miss whatever bug I caught. :)

    1. I was sorry to miss seeing you, and know it must have been hard for you to miss the visit. But thank you for being a responsible "bug carrier." One of my pet peeves is people who feel so noble because they don't let a little thing like illness stop them from going places--thereby spreading their disease to many more people!

      Hope this affliction is a short one and you are soon feeling better. You've been having a rather rough time lately.