Friday, February 15, 2013

Chad the Thoughtful

I have a hard time catching Chad for a photo. This was Christmas
morning when he was looking down at a gift.
In olden times, people were often identified by something that was striking about their appearance (i.e., Eric the Red), or something notable, good or bad, that they did (i.e., Vlad the Impaler), or perhaps by their occupation or their geographic/ethnic origins (i.e., Attila the Hun).

If we still followed that custom, my son-in-law could be named Chad the Helpful, Chad the Creative, Chad the Hardworking, or Chad the Thoughtful.

Today I am talking about the thoughtfulness aspect.

Yesterday was St. Valentine's Day. This is not a holiday that means much to me since my Valentine now lives with the saints and my children are grown (no Valentines to purchase/help make for school exchanges, no heart-shaped cookies to bake, etc.). So I was surprised on the evening before Valentine's Day when my granddaughter came upstairs to my apartment with a bouquet of flowers. When Chad was buying flowers for Anne Marie, he also bought a bouquet for me. I love flowers, and was touched by and thankful for his thoughtfulness

This is not the first time I've received flowers from Chad. He likes to surprise with a bouquet at random times.

Chad does a lot of things for me, such as minor repairs around my house, keeping my car clean, or picking up something he knows I'll be needing when he's at the store. Before I sold my house he put in many hours doing landscaping for me.

Chad started coming around our home when he was 16 and dating our daughter. Four years later they were married. All these years of his being part of my family makes him just seem like Son, rather than Son-in-Law!

I am very thankful for Chad the Thoughtful-Helpful-Creative-Hardworking-and Kind.


  1. He bought flowers for Megan, too!

  2. What a wonderful way to honor a terrific guy! You have a beautiful family and you are blessed to have each other. Love your post!