Wednesday, December 19, 2012

He's Coming

On the first Sunday of the Advent season, pieces of purple ribbon were distributed to the congregation at the end of the worship service. They were to serve as reminders of the coming of Jesus. We were asked to use the ribbons in some way that we would be frequently reminded of the Advent.

I tied my ribbon around the knob on one of my kitchen cupboard doors. I am in that area many times a day, so I am reminded many times a day.

When I look at that little piece of ribbon, I say to myself, "Jesus is coming." This phrase reminds me not only of the first advent of Jesus, which we are celebrating in this season, but of an advent promised but which we are still waiting for.

And that reminds me of a little piece of Christian humor  hanging over the worktable in my son-in-law's garage.

Yes, Christians usually have great senses of humor!

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