Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Through the Years

Just a bit of background. My home is located above an oversized three-car garage. The entrance to my home is an enclosed stairway consisting of seventeen steps. The walls and ceiling are painted white, the carpet is light brown. It is really very blah!

For a couple of Christmases my granddaughter and I decorated the stairway with some garland and ornaments. Two years ago I had a new idea. I went through my photo albums and found pictures from Christmases through the years, which I scanned into my computer. I enlarged and printed the photos. Then I took standard letter-size card stock and wrapped sheets of it with a variety of Christmas wrapping paper. I mounted the photos on these and added a loop of ribbon at the top. I used push pins to hang the photos down both sides of the stairway to add some Christmas brightness to that drab space.

After Christmas, I took down the photos and boxed them up until the next year. With the pictures gone, the stairway was once again totally blah.

Last year I again put up the Christmas photos. But after Christmas I just decided to leave them up until I decided what to do to make the stairway more pleasant and welcoming on a permanent basis. So the stairs were ready for Christmas this year, because I haven't yet come up with something better. (But I'm thinking about it!)

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