Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Lovely Lady at 95

My mother-in-law turned 95 years old this year. Her children wanted to celebrate the occasion, but could not all get together on September 6 (her son, Bud, lives in Washington state).

Emma Brisendine Russell Wales
So they had three separate celebrations! The first was in July when Bud and his wife, Karen, could come to Colorado. What family could do so gathered together at that time and had an early birthday party.

The second celebration was held on her actual birthday at the care facility where she now lives.

The third celebration was held on September 9 at the apartment complex where she lived until recently, so she could be with her friends there, and friends from the area and her church came to the reception and had such a good time that it ran much longer than the scheduled time!

It seems to me that attaining the age of 95 is definitely worth three celebrations. In addition to these events, her daughters planned a card shower for her. She received over 70 cards from friends and family. We are scattered over many states, and most of us could not visit her in person, so the card shower was a great idea for letting her know that she is remembered and loved by so many people whose lives she has touched.

My sister-in-law, Jeannie, recently sent me photos of the occasions.

We should all look so good at 95!

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