Thursday, November 1, 2012

Store It or Toss It

Three years or so ago I decided I needed to organize the excess stuff in my closet. I have limited storage space and the closet was really crammed. I went online and ordered a set of Space Bags. Guess what--they were having a two for one sale and I ended up with two sets of these vacuum packing bags.

After the bags arrived, I took myself in hand and decided that rather than storing a lot of stuff, I just needed to get rid of it. So I used the "have you worn it in the last year" rule and filled two or three big trash bags. The good stuff went to Good Will in Billings when my daughter and I were there. The less than great stuff went in the trash. Hooray! Closet space.

So, the Space Bag storage sets became, themselves, stored.

But, as you know, stuff accumulates. This time my problem was the stuff that was crammed onto the closet shelf and on the closet floor. Most of it is not stuff to discard, but stuff used only some of the time. Yesterday, having switched my bedding from summer to winter set, I decided to unearth the Space Bags and save some space in the closet.

Those three bags stacked on my bed contain the summer comforter, sheets, pillowcases, shams, throw pillows, and two quilts which are used sometimes, but infrequently. All of this now takes up less than one-third the space they previously used.

Hmmmmm--what else can I vacuum pack? 


  1. Oh, I always wondered about those. I should order some to store fabric! Oh, but then I'd likely think I could buy MORE fabric.