Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Visit to the Vampire

Well, OK, it wasn't really a vampire--just a phlebotomist. I had to go in today to have blood drawn to check my funky thyroid's function once again. I've been feeling all right, so hope the results are such that the doctor doesn't want me to go back on synthroid. I did NOT feel good on that stuff. On the other hand, humans cannot live without thyroid hormones, so if I have to take it I will. I'm just hoping I don't have to.

I have nothing but praise for the skill of the phlebotomist--quick, easy, painless. But having this procedure again reminded me of the first time I had to have it done. I was in my early twenties and not fond of needles. The idea of having a hollow needle stuck in my vein and pulling out a vial of blood scared me. I was sure it would be very painful. I worried and fretted until the time I was scheduled to have it done.

I must admit it was rather anticlimactic (though pleasantly so). It did not hurt. It was over quickly. I did not miss the blood they took.

I have had many, many blood draws since then. Only about two times has it hurt, when a less experienced tech missed the vein and fished around under the skin for it. I even used to be a blood donor, but had to stop when my blood pressure began to be so high that they wouldn't accept me as a donor any more.

Today's blood draw took maybe a minute or two all told. The only time-consuming part of it was the check-in routine at the hospital. Now I wait for my doctor to notify me of the results.

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