Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

I ordered my first Christmas gift yesterday. Last year by this time I had finished my shopping! (Though, I must admit, most years I am still looking for last minute gifts on Christmas Eve.) Somehow, this year my brain feels absolutely barren of ideas. I love to give Christmas gifts--the hard part is choosing them.

2011 -- Megan arranging the gifts. My camera was accidentally on the wrong setting
so I got some interesting motion effects.
This weekend my granddaughter and I will be putting up the Christmas tree. Maybe making the house a bit Christmas festive will inspire me, unlock my brain, and send me on a shopping spree. I certainly hope so. Nowadays I do most of my shopping via computer, which certainly de-stresses the process. I've never been a shopping fan; I start out enjoying looking at things, but in about ten minutes I just want out of there!

In trying to develop a sense of Christmas, I've been watching a lot of the sappy Hallmark Christmas movies, and now I have Christmas music playing.

You know what? I think it is starting to work. I may not have any good gift ideas yet, but I feel a stirring of Christmas Spirit!

By the time I prepare a few Christmas-themed Sunday School classes I think I'll be ready, both to appreciate the real meaning of Christmas and to enjoy the shopping, family time, gift giving, memory making, sharing, and celebrating. And then there is the Christmas Eve church service, which always is a special sweet, quiet, worshipful time. Hey, I might even bake some Christmas cookies with my granddaughter!

And I have a confession. I do like a good fruitcake! There, I said it.

Christmas is coming! Hooray!

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  1. Haha, you might bake some cookies with Megan, or watch Megan bake them??? :o)

    I see you sticking your tongue out...bwahahaha!