Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I am simply stunned by the level of destruction caused by the Sandy superstorm. It is not possible to really process the level of devastation from wind, waves, floods, fire, and snow across a huge swath of the continent. And it is still going--somewhat diminished, but still a dangerous storm.

My son lives in Rhode Island. He reports that people on the coast lost houses to the storm surge, but where he and his wife live there was wind, a little rain, and a 90-minute power outage. By the next morning they had sunshine. I am grateful that they got off so easy, but can only imagine what those who were not so fortunate are going through.

Eleven years ago my daughter's family lost their home and everything in it to fire. It was traumatic, and the emotional effects lasted a long time. So to see whole neighborhoods wiped out by fire and flood is to know that same kind of emotional trauma is now afflicting thousands of Americans.

I am speechless.

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