Monday, November 19, 2012

Puzzle Time

Granddaughter Megan is a jigsaw puzzle whiz. Winter has become our puzzle time. When we first decided to put together a puzzle, a few winters ago, we put the puzzle on the coffee table. Then, after several puzzles, I got a puzzle board that is made so that it can be closed up and stored with a puzzle in progress so that the table did not have to be out of commission for other uses. Now, we have moved up to a puzzle table. When we don't have a puzzle in progress, the table folds up flat and fits neatly under my bed.
The Champion Puzzler

The weekend before this one just past, Megan fetched out the puzzle table. We had one new puzzle from last Christmas that we had not yet done (we had several new ones last Christmas), so that was first on the table. We also have a new puzzle from our Yellowstone vacation (Kissing Moose) that will be up next.

While we both work on the puzzles, Megan is much better and faster at jigsaw puzzling than I am!

(In case you wonder why there is a spatula on the puzzle table, it is because the texture on the table holds the pieces where you put them. And when a section needs adjusted, the spatula is just the thing to keep the pieces together.)

Finished--From Sea to Shining Sea


  1. Do you glue them when you are done? What's your biggest puzzle yet?

    1. We've just glued one special one. We usually do 1,000 piece ones.